Geoffrey Shisler Sings

1. Rabbi Chananya ben Akashya: Mendelsohn

2. Ki Keshlmcha: Shaposnick

3. Uv’divrei Kodsh’cha: Davidson

4. Veshamru: Faigenblum

5. Sefirat HaOmer: Pinchik

6. Ahavat Ra’ayah: arr. Y Engel

7. Sim Shalom: Unknown

8. B’rich Shmei: Shaposnick

9. Eitz Chayim Hi: Shisler

10. Magen Avot: Pinchik

11. Chanukah: Shisler


This tape was produced in 1984.

It was accompanied throughout by

Cantor Steve Robins

Below is an extract from the cassette insert



  1. Michael schiffer · · Reply

    Very beautiful original unheard compositions.

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