The Cantor’s Review



Old Prayers – New Melodies
Alter and Sirota
A Moshe Kussevitsky Story
Choral Shul of Moscow
The Great Synagogue of Budapest
Could this happen today?
The Melody of Modzits
Criticism of Chazanim
The Shaliach Tsibbur
Piyutim and Payetanim
Listening to a Chazan
The Chazan and the Neshama
How to Listen to a Chazan
Is Chazanut in Decline?
On Trial in Pressburg
Yiddish Folk Songs
Lazar Lowy
Voice of the Soul
The Voice from Within
Great Synagogue of Vilna
Ministerial Relationships
East European Chazanut

obj2124geo1561pg111p9The Cantors’ Review was the magazine of the ‘Association of Ministers Chazanim of Great Britain.’ It ran from 1969 – 1982 and was edited, first by the Rev Michael Plaskow, by me, then by the Rev J Landenberg, and finally Mr Elie Delibe. It was issued very infrequently and ran to 28 issues.Although intended mainly as a parochial publication, to publicise personal news to its members, it contained many interesting and informative articles on the subjects of Jewish music and Synagogue worship. There was also the occasional light-hearted item, as well as cartoons and stories.So that these articles should not be lost forever, most of which only ever appeared in the magazine, I have decided to put on my website for the enjoyment and enlightenment of a wider audience.

(I am not aware of copywrite issues concerning any of these articles. In the event that this does apply, please contact me and I shall remove the item in question.)



  1. Lorraine Bertelsen · · Reply

    My late step-Father was a great grandson of Cantor Josef/Chaim Ber Zipper, who moved to Vienna in the early 1860s and died there in 1884.
    Do you have any information about Cantor Zipper?

    Many thanks.
    Lorraine Bertelsen

    1. I’m afraid that I have no more information on Chazan Zipper. If I come across any I shall happily pass it on to you.

    2. I’m sorry I don’t

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