Shiru Lo Shir Chadash 2

1. Tzaddik Katamar 2
2 Tzadik Katamar 3
3. Adonai Malach
4. V’shamru 1
5. V’shamru 2
6. V’shamru 3
7. R’tzei Vimnuchateinu
8. Amar Rabbi Elazar
9. Eil Adon 3
10. Eil Adon 4
11. Birkat Hachodesh
12. Mi Sheasa Nisim
13. Av Harachamim
14. Eitz Chayim Hi 4
15. Shema Yisrael 2
16. Shema Yisrael Duet
17. Ata Yatsarta
18. R’tzei
19. Modim Anachnu Lach
20. Ein Keiloheinu 2
21. Adon Olam 3
22. Adon Olam 4
23. Hashkiveinu
24. Hal’lu Avdei Adonai
25. Lo Amut
26. Od’cha
27. Yom Layabasha
28. Ya’aleh V’yavo
29. Tal
30 V’te’erav S/R
31. Hoshanot Introduction
31. Hoshanot First Day
31. Hoshanot Second Day
32. Hoshia Et Amecha (Hoshanot)
33. Ribon HaOlam
34. Uavashofar Gadol 2
35. Hayom Harat Olam 1
36. Hayom Harat Olam 2
37. Ashrei Ish
38. V’te’erav RH/YK
39. Piyutim YK
40 Adonai Adonai
41 Mah Anu
42. Ezkerah Elohim
43. Aromimcha Adonai 1
44. Aromimcha Adonai 2
51. Seu Shearim
52. Haleluyah Psalm 150
53. Lamnatseiach
Shiru Lo Shir Chadash 2
A Second Volume of Synagogue Music for the 20th Century
I am delighted to present my second volume of compositions for use in Synagogues. This volume has been edited by my good friend Charles Heller of Toronto, who, as well as supplying  chords throughout, has also arranged some items for Chazan and Choir.
This book is somewhat different from my first in that, as well as some pieces with strong melodic lines that I like so much, there are also a number of longer compositions for Chazan solo.
You will also find here compositions for prayers that are often hurried through, such as the Hoshia Et Amecha at the end of the Hoshanot and the Ribono Shel Olam before the ark for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
I am heartened by the reception that I received to Book 1, and hope that you will find some items in this book that you can use too. Although there are no CD’s to accompany Book 2, here you will find MP3’s of all the solo items to assist in learning.
Kabbalat Shabbat
Tzadik Katamar 2
Tzadik Katamar 3
Adonai Malach
Veshamru 1
Veshamru 2
Veshamru 3
R’tzei Vimnuchateinu
Amar Rabbi ElazarShabbat (Morning Service)
Eil Adon 3
Eil Adon 4
Birkat Hachodesh
Mi Sheasa Nisim
Av Harachamim
Eitz Chayim Hi 4Shabbat Musaf
Shema Yisrael 2
Shema Yisrael duet
Ata Yatsarta (Rosh Chodesh)
Modim Anachnu Lach
Ein Keiloheinu 2
Adon Olam 3
Adon Olam 4

Festivals Evening Service

Hal’lu Avdei Adonai
Lo Amut/Od’cha

Yom Layabasha
Ya’aleh V’yavo
V’te’erav Lefanecha
Hoshanot for Succot
Hoshia Et Amecha (Hoshanot)Rosh Hashanah
Ribon Haolam (Torah service)
Uvashofar Gadol 2
Hayom Harat Olam 1
Hayom Harat Olam 2
Ashrei Ish
V’te’erav LefanechaYom Kippur
Piyutim for Shacharit
Adonai Adonai
Mah Anu
Ezkera Elohim (Neilah)

Aromimcha Adonai 1
Aromimcha Adonai 2

Choral Section
Umi Shenotnim
Mi Shebeirach
Birkat Hachodesh
L’dor Vador
Seu Shearim*
Haleluyah (Psalm 150)*

From the Editor’s Foreword
“Geoffrey Shisler’s melodies have been created with the flair of the artist combined with a lifetime’s experience in teaching and performing traditional nusah. They match the rhythm and the sense of the words of the text, and provide a wonderful resource for the cantor or baal tefilah seeking new material which will be easily learnt and enjoyed by the congregation, as well as fitting naturally into the matrix of traditional nusah.”
(Charles Heller was for 30 years the Choir Director at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue, Toronto, Canada. He has worked as arranger and accompanist with many leading artists and cantors including the late David Kusevitsky, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and Marvin Hamlisch. He is on the editorial board of the Cantors Assembly (USA) and is the author of the award-winning book What To Listen For in Jewish Music (
Available now from Rabbi Shisler at L22 + post and packaging.

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