I am very pleased to welcome you to my website and hope you will find many things of interest here.

It is devoted to the lives of Chazanim of old, wherever they worked in the world and I hope it will be somewhere where all those who dedicated their life to the service of God in the Synagogue will find a place of recognition. Included are famous choirmasters who built up close working relationships with the Chazanim to create religious services of great beauty.

You will also find many articles here related to Synagogue music and the art of Chazanut.

I would like to invite anyone who has information about a Chazan or choirmaster to contact me so that he may be included here.


  1. Jay E. Simkin · · Reply

    Dear Rabbi Shisler,

    May this find Well, You – and All within Your Walls and Gates. Would You have any further particulars as to the date and circumstances of the death of Chazan Hershman z”tl? I ask, because I found nothing in the New York Times archives. I presupposed, perhaps wrongly, that Chazan Hershman lived in New York, at the time of his death. I found only two articles, relating to events in which he took part, in 1926-27. It seems strange that someone then so well-known, and beloved, should not have merited a mention in a publication of record. Thanks for your kindness, in posting so much that is so helpful.
    With every warm, best wish, I remain, Yours faithfully, Jay E. Simkin

    1. Dear Mr Simkin,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I’m afraid that the only information I have is what I’ve been able to post. The trouble is that it’s very difficult to come by accurate information and I have to rely on what seems to be the ‘majority opinion.’ I have an LP of Mordecai Hershman which says that he died in 1940 at the age of 51! In the event that I do obtain any more information, I shall certainly ad it to to the item on my site. With kind regards.

  2. sirhenrycasingbroke · · Reply

    Dear Rabbi Shisler,

    Do you know by any chance where ABB died and where he was buried/ Is there a grave?

  3. Thanks a ton! This is an wonderful site!

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